Lightsaber Blueprints by Lord Libidan

I am a big fan of the in-universe books like The Book Sith and The Jedi Path. Even the Essential Chronology (and the NEW Essential Chronology) is written like a history book. This lightsaber blueprint by Lord Libidan looks like it could have been stitched by some Jedi Master on a backwater planet with no access to flimsy or a holocron. I’m sorta geeking out, sue me.

by Lord Libidan

by Lord Libidan

You can check out Lord Libidan’s site here with all sorts of neats stuff and links to stores, free patterns, etc.

via SpriteStitch

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Blanket by shwashington86

New-ish craftster user shwashington86 shared this blanket she made for a friend who is expecting:

by shwashington86

by shwashington86

Does it come in a “big baby” size? You can see the original post, along with her Superman themed gifts (what, no Darth Dino?) here.

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My Little Admiral by MasterPlanner

Kadie, my six-year-old daughter, has made My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a part of my life almost as much as I have made Star Wars a part of hers. Although she doesn’t know who Grand Admiral Thrawn is, it didn’t matter. We both fell in love with this cross-ver amigurumi by DeviantArtist and “Hook for Hire” MasterPlanner

by MasterPlanner

by MasterPlanner

As a “Brony by Association” I have seen a bit of MLP Amigurumi and I have to say this is some of the most well done.

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Window Pillow by LoreaLopez

Here is a completely original piece (I haven’t seen one, anyway) by DeviantArtist LoreaLopez


You can see more of her work on her blog.

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A Stitch In Time by BlushiexD

I came across this old saying reworked into Yoda speak stitched up by DeviantArtist BlushiexD

by BlushiexD

by BlushiexD

She stitched this piece from a pattern by Scootybeth. You can find a link on her post.

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Darth Equus by Drachefrau

I’ve been pretty open minded about this whole “Star Wars Legends” thing where the previous Expanded Universe no longer exists. I mean, more Star Wars is more Star Wars, am I right?! So with the spirit of an open universe I present this awesome plush of Darth Equus by DeviantArtist Drachefrau:

by Drachefrau

by Drachefrau

Who is Darth Equus? Shame on you. He is the Dark Pony of the Sith. Seriously, Drachefrau says her husband is not a Brony but is into unique Star Wars stuff his friends don’t have (me too, buddy) and this is the result. Pretty cool. You can see more cool things in her gallery.

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Thrawn MiniPlush by MasterPlanner

I am warning you right now: this is not the last time you are going to see DeviantArtist MasterPlanner here. She is doing some pretty amazing stuff. She is a hook for hire according to her artist page and she made this amazing (and amazingly adorable) Grand Admiral Thrawn by request:

by MasterPlanner

by MasterPlanner

You can also check out her Tumblr page, where I know she has some exclusive craft pics…from time to time.

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Naboo Symbol by kookers5707

Here is a nice cross stitch of Naboo’s royal symbol by DeviantArtist kookers5707. Honestly, it is refreshing to see something other than the Big Four (Rebel, Empire, Sith and Jedi) emblems getting some love.

by kookers5707

by kookers5707

You can find her DeviantArt page here with plenty more from Trek, Stargate and even (kinda excited) The Magic Schoolbus!

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Alderaan’s Fate by Bunnys_Mommy

Here is a cool couple of pieces of embroidery that combine to show the fate of Alderaan. Well, maybe not the fate since that would be an asteroid field (too soon?) but certainly the destruction of Alderaan.

by bunnys_mommy

by bunnys_mommy

You can find pictures of the individual pieces on her flickr stream.

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Yoda Tardis Bookmark by trulymadlygeeky

Here is a really cool cross-over bookmark stitched I found tucked away on the flickr stream of TrulyMadlyGeeky:

by trulymadlygeeky

by trulymadlygeeky

She was even cool enough to share her Yoda pattern with the world and you can find it here.

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