Mandalorian Crest and “Love Dad” by filmresearch

Full Disclosure: Karen Traviss’ Republic Commando books and the entire Mandalorian/Clone culture she created pre-Clone Wars cartoon is one of my favorite things about the Expanded Universe. My daughter’s nickname is even ad’ika.

I thought I would put that out there before I geek out over this Mandalorian embroidery by HSF Flickr group member filmresearch.

Mandalorian Crest aka Boba Fett's shoulder emblem

It’s clean, it’s simple and it’s well done. It’s also hiding a suprise:

Mandalorian Crest back

Stitched in Mandalorian, it reads “Love Dad”. When I saw this, being such a fan of the Traviss Mandalorians, I found it completely probable that Jango would have stitched Boba a patch and maybe would have signed it like this and applied it before Boba would have ever known. This reminds me of the “artifacts” currently coming with the Jedi/Sith in-universe books. Click on either of the pics for a link to filmresearch’s photostream.



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