Watch This! – Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D Review

The Original Prequel, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace came out in 3D yesterday and of course I was there to see if it held up 13 years after the initial excitement. Windy even donned a Darth Vader shirt for the occasion…I think she knows how it all ends.

All Vadered Up

Unfortunately the previews of John Carter, Spiderman and even the Lorax made it clear that while no one is blowing glitter at the screen, movies are being filmed, to some degree, with 3D in mind. It is unfortunate because it is instantly clear that The Phantom Menace was not. Don’t get me wrong, the set pieces are amazing: The Podrace, lightsaber duels, space battles and even the Senate rotunda are all breathtaking. There just wasn’t enough of it. But there didn’t need to be in 1999.

All the 3D is amazing. I think having seen TPM so many times allowed me to kind of drift into the background. I felt like I could walk into them. Even the most mundane scene felt like I could just walk around the corner into the hallway that HAD to be there. I felt like I was really looking behind the characters, or past them.

WhateverJames Theater

As for the movie itself, it’s The Phantom Menace. There were no new changes besides ditching the Yoda puppet and replacing him with a CGI update. It works and was badly needed. I just thought the puppet looked too young. I mean this is only about 40-50-ish years before Empire. That’s like a month to someone 900 years old. So well done. TPM is not my favorite of the six but when asked my favorite movie is “Star Wars”, all six of them, all in a row. I take the good with the Amazing! Now, please, bring on Attack of the Clones!

There you have it. It’s not much but it was so much fun and so well done, I thought I would share in case there are any fans who aren’t sure if they were going to go see it. You should. Oh, and you get to keep these cool glasses.
Maul Glasses


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