Felt Christmas Ornaments by devilduck

Craftster user devilduck has been here before. Her and her husband belong to a Star Wars club (can I join, I dont care if initiation IS a gold-bikini dance with an Ewok) and made a bunch of character ornaments from felt. Now, I already know there was no needlework involved – just hot glue, felt and markers, but ‘Tis The Season and they are pretty amazing. Also, I’m trying to get them to let me into thier Star Wars club.

Here are some pictures of the “Good Guys” and the “Prequel Crew”.

by devilduck

by devilduck

by devilduck

by devilduck

Follow this link to her craftster post for more. There’s 43 of these bad boys: Furry Animals, the Cantina Gang and even Bad Guys.


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