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My Little Admiral by MasterPlanner

Kadie, my six-year-old daughter, has made My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a part of my life almost as much as I have made Star Wars a part of hers. Although she doesn’t know who Grand Admiral Thrawn is, it … Continue reading

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Thrawn MiniPlush by MasterPlanner

I am warning you right now: this is not the last time you are going to see DeviantArtist MasterPlanner here. She is doing some pretty amazing stuff. She is a hook for hire according to her artist page and she … Continue reading

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Cutest Little Death Star by Pops de Milk

This is a good season for Death Stars. I recently came across this new one by Pops de Milk. She made it for her husband. Now she doesn’t label it as amigurumi but this thing is big enough to rest … Continue reading

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Leesub Sirln by LucyRavenscar

You probably remember LucyRavenscar from ChewbacctoberFest. You probably don’t remember Leesub Sirln from the Cantina scene in Episode IV: A New Hope. That’s ok. Open a new tab and do a quick search. Now that you’ve seen her, check out … Continue reading

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Luke Skywalker Three Ways by Angry Angel

Cratster.org user Angry Angel has been here before. This time she is bringing all the Luke Skywalkers! You can see her original post here, along with more pictures including X-wing Luke without his helmet! Yes, the helmet is REMOVABLE!!! Also, … Continue reading

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Lego Luke Skywalker Amigurumi by Amidorable Crochet

Legos and Star Wars go together like…well, Legos and Star Wars. They are GREAT together. Throw in some amigurumi crochet action by Jackie from Amidorable Crochet and things just get better: And to make sure the cool get cooler, you … Continue reading

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AT-HAT by phrebh

The weather outside is frightful so why not put the fear back into nature’s heart with an AT-HAT. Jeremy at Jenius made this amazing crochet beanie that I would totally move to somewhere it snows, just to have a reason … Continue reading

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Captain Rex Amigurumi by pollyl

Not only is this Captain Rex amigurumi really cool but you can follow this link to instructables.com and download the pattern completely free! Thanks pollyl!!! You can see Rex without his helmet after the jump!!!

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Character Blanket by devilduck

Craftster user devilduck recently posted pics of a blanket she crocheted for her son of various Star Wars characters! Now that’s a blanket with a lot of character (I’m sorry about that). I think Lando is my favorite! But from … Continue reading

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Chewbacctober-Fest: LucyRavenscar

I love October and I love Chewbacca. So why not Chewbacctober?! And if you are gonna Chewbacctober, why not CHEWBACCTOBER FEST!!! First up this week is a mini-Amigurumi from LucyRavenscar: You can see all of LucyRavenscar’s work at her blog … Continue reading

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